Offline Viral Marketing

Offline Viral Marketing
by Scott Rauber

Viral marketing, where people are passing your images, free e-books, and videos, etc around the Internet is and has become a staple in most Internet Marketers marketing attack.

The challenge with word of mouth and viral marketing offline is getting the initial ball rolling, and more importantly, sustaining the viral marketing offline.

The key to beginning and sustaining an offline viral marketing campaign is to have your brand attached to an item that is hot, trendy, exciting, not particular to one group of individuals, and most importantly has the ability to create and oohhhh and ahhhhhhh affect when the recipient experiences this item.

Javelin Pen owners will proudly display the very cool, super smoooooooth writing Javelin Pens to their friends, which translates into more marketing exposure and awareness for your brand (brand marketing).

Most recently The Javelin Pen has been helping businesses small and large, across the country obtain those desired affects. Those who have had the pleasure of owning a Javelin Pen that usually carries the branding of another companies contact information, claim secure ownership of the pen, because of the smooth writing capabilities and fashionable and trendy design.

They proudly show their Javelin Pens freely to associates at work demonstrating how they operate, then gathering them back quickly before they are stolen. Some are such proud owners they take them home at the end of the work day to ensure other fellow workers do not accidentally steal them. As you can imagine, the company who has used these personalized pens for their business marketing, or as promotional giveaways – distributing Javelin Pens professionally decorated with their business information, logo, or what have you, is on the receiving end of viral marketing as new owners show them off to friends and fellow employees.

Stories from marketers have actually been posted on Internet discussion boards and on’s Stories page:
Word of mouth and viral marketing offline can be accomplished with the Javelin Pen. It happens every day. Why not let others do some offline viral marketing for you?

Creating a marketing campaign that includes viral marketing is essential in today's world. Making it viral offline is a little more challenging. Maybe not anymore.

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