These pens even write in the meat plant!!
—– —– —– —– —– —– —–
These javelin pens not only look good, feel good and write great, but they also work in the cooler environment of our meat plant , about 40F. Other pens skip or don't write at all. The price is great too.
Linda Dinga, Ontario, Canada

Even High End Businessmen Agree!
——– —— —— —— —— —— ——
The javelin pens! Everyone that we give a javelin pen to raves about how smooth they write. Even the high-end businessmen that we associate with said our pens write nicer than a lot of higher-priced pens. Everyone we give them to is absolutely in love with them!
deAnna Hardy, 
More 2 Life

What are the Chances? – Pretty Good!

As is my standard procedure, I made a follow up phone call to check and see if one of my clients had received their custom printed drink bottles and velour bags, and if they came out ok. Since they were reorders, I assumed they came in promptly and printed properly and was assured they had already been delivered with no problems.

Knowing I had sent samples of my Javelin Pen a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t ask – would you like to place an order? Instead, out of the blue, I asked her – “What pen are you using right now (hoping she was using MY custom imprinted Javelin Pen)”? 
You don’t have to believe this if you don’t want to, but she was using MY Javelin Pen at that very instant in time. What are the chances she would be using it at that exact moment? – Pretty good, since people love this pen. And yes, she said exactly what everyone else says – “I Love this pen!”
Scott Rauber –

Mysterious Disappearing Pens and the Wheel
"Once we received the pens, right away our employees commented on how great they fit in their hands and how wonderfully the pens write. A few days after receiving the pens, I start getting employees coming to my desk saying the next time we need to re-order their vote is on the Javelin Pens. I also had others come to my desk asking for additional pens; because the ones they were given have mysteriously vanished after co-workers visited their office. We also used the pens as one of the prizes for our Prize Wheel. 
We used this at a Chamber function. When the wheel landed on the "PEN" spot, you noticed the usual grumble of oh great another pen — but when they saw these pens, they happily took them and once they held the pen they were even more excited. I actually had people ask if they could have one when they would land on another prize."
Jackie Becker, Pinellas Federal Credit Union, FL

The Pen Imprinter tells all….
“We added the Javelin Pen to our product line back in 2004 and for the first six months or so we only saw decent, but not spectacular demand for the Javelin Pen. One day in June of 2004 I was walking through our customer service department and I noticed that all of the office staff were using the Javelin Pen. This struck me as kind of strange; because of all the pens we offered in our product line they were using the Javelin. Our customer service people are pretty fussy and particular about which pens are their favorites and typically each person would have a different favorite pen. When I asked the staff why they were all using the Javelin they all stated it was the best ink lay down in our line. Ink laydown is a term pen people use to describe how the pen writes.”
“I thought – maybe I should mail out samples to distributors and see if they like them as much as my office staff does. Well, we were blown away by the orders generated from that first mailing and orders haven’t stopped coming in since then – almost 2 years ago. 

The Javelin Pen has been our hottest selling pen ever!! And believe me, I know, because I’ve been assembling pens since I was a kid when my father owned the factory.”
Joe Fleming, Hub Pen (The company that sells and imprints the Javelin Pens)

The Big Bad Pen Thief!
"I stopped to see one of my clients last year, around the holidays, and was cheerfully greeted by the receptionist. I informed her I would like to see so and so, and noticed she was using one of these exact Javelin pens. Instinctively I said – “Don’t you love those pens?” As she pulled it close to her body with both hands, (she must have thought I was the big bad pen thief), she let me know that she did love it and never lets it out of her site!"
Scott Rauber –

Trade for a Javelin Pen?
As most anyone knows, when paying your rent late – an additional fee is added for not paying by the pre-determined deadline. On more than one occasion we’ve been asked, “Well since I have to pay a late fee, can I at least have a pen (referring to the Javelin Pens we keep in stock)?” We always give them one, but it just goes to prove that people absolutely love these pens!
Melissa Honaker, Manager, Morningside Apartments, MD.
We LOVE It when they steal our Javelin Pens!

It’s fairly common for people to take our logoed Javelin Pens from the front desk and just recently we had a client grab one. As luck would have it she grabbed 10 more claiming I LOVE THESE PENS and I’m going to steal some more. We let her help herself. It was just kinda funny as she thought she was stealing them. As a side note, I did get a paid consultation from one of the pens!! I love these pens!!
Tamara Holden, PA Tarpon Springs, FL Florida Divorce Attorney
A couple of months ago I traveled to North Carolina to visit my aunt and uncle. While there I proudly gave my aunt one of my Javelin Pens with MY logo in it. Upon my return visit she notified me that she lost my pen temporarily and was quite relieved to have found it (as she clutched the pen, arm outstretched, almost victoriously up and showed it to me). I just thought it was funny to see how my aunt reacted over a pen that she thought she had lost – and was so relieved to have found again. It’s not like I couldn’t have given here another pen. She really loves the pen!!
Mike Rice, Pro’s Soft Bait Glue
Catch The Bridal Bouquet?
It's like I'm at a wedding and I'm the new bride. All of the sinlge females are gathered together to catch my bridal bouquet, except in this case I'm delivering Javelin Pens with my company logo on them and the girls (legal assistants) at these offices are almost running toward me, preparing to fight for a Javelin Pen. They love them! They can't get enough of them! I tell them – Don't worry…….I have a trunk full of Javelin Pens.
Carmen Sordo, Marketing Director Hess Spinal Centers  
May I have 4 Please?
"We were looking for a product to help promote our sports merchandise online store ( We could have gone with the traditional coffee mugs or can coolers, but we wanted something everyone needs and would use everyday. Plus, what is used by the computer and in every office? Pens were a logical choice. We were told by Scott that the Javelin Pen would get alot of great reviews and was a great product. I thought, I just need a pen with my logo. Boy was I wrong and he right.

Within the first week we had customers asking how they could buy the pens off us!!! One woman wanted four of them, one for the office, her checkbook, home and the car! The post office clerk commented on how great the pen was (we left them there hoping people would walk away with them, the post office chains there's down!!!). We knew we had made the right choice. Already planning on re-ordering!!!!
Johnny Lew, Sports Merchandise Online Store,
Maintenance Floater Saves Time
“It is funny how popular our infamous “Donnybrook Apartments” pens are. No matter where you go, you see someone with one. Whether it be a meeting and another manager has one, a Leasing Specialist who has been at our property, or a Maintenance Floater in their shirt pocket.”

“One of our Maintenance Floaters, Wayne, was working at our property the other day and was punching in at the back part of the office. He came out of the back with a hand full of Donnybrook Apartments Javelin pens. I asked what he was doing, and he replied, “I need to stock up while I am here.” 

“Everyone seems to take them from me! I have spent money on good pens, and these are one of the greatest writing pens I have ever used!”
Jennifer Adams, Donnybrook Apartments Mgr.,


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