Javelin Pens

Javelin / Javalina Pens – the real deal!

Marketing Pens – Stylish and affordable with uniquely shaped body
that fits comfortably in your hand!
Imprint Area: 1 1/2″ w x 3/4″ h

Scroll to see 10 styles and 45 color variations!

Click here for Javelin / Javalina Pens NEWEST style and color variations!

Javelin Pens - Midnight - Marketing Pens Javelin Pens - Jewel Javalina Pens - Tropical
B329 Midnight B320 Jewel B323 Tropical

Questions?  Call 727-645-6498
or email scott.marketing@yahoo.com

Javelin Pens - Splash - Marketing Pens Javalina Pens - Corporate Javelin Pens - Classic
B326 Splash B324 Corporate B322 Classic

Javelin Pens / Marketing Pens

Quantity  250  500 1000
$.36 $.33  $.305
**B319, B312, B317

*Prices are subject to change without notice, although we do attempt to keep them updated.

Every day people tell me they L-O-V-E this pen!
They love how smooth it writes.
They love the way it feels in their hand.
They just plain love the Javelin Pen!
They tell me their customers LOVE it.

Holley Kitchen LOVES her Javelin Pens…..
 Well, let me tell you— the javelin pen is not
just a PEN…….. it’s the worlds BEST writing pen!!!!! I searched for 3
days for this pen on the Internet— and I FOUND IT!!! Here is the bad part- I had to wait
for a few days to get my pens– I guess that is ok- since they have
my business name on them now!!! When the UPS man showed up,
and I realized what was in the box….??? I did CARTWHEELS
around my office! There is no better pen to write with in the world!
THANK YOU SCOTT!!!!!!!!!!!! I want 5,000 just for ME!!”

 Promotional Javelin Pens Testimony
Holley Kitchen, Austin, TX 
               And that’s precisely WHY you should consider these marketing pens for advertising your business!

Javalina Pens - Executive - Marketing Pens Javelin Pens - Breeze Javalina Pens - Platinum
B321 Executive B328 Breeze  B319 Platinum**

Questions?  Call 727-645-6498
or email scott.marketing@yahoo.com

Javalina Pens - Shimmer - Personalized Pens Javalina Pens - Chrome Bright - Promotional Pens
NEW! B312 Shimmer** NEW! B317 Chrome Brights**
Quantity  250  500 1000
$.36 $.33  $.305
**B319, B312, B317

*Prices are subject to change without notice, although we do attempt to keep them updated.

RUSH Service is available!

Questions?  Call 727-645-6498
or email scott.marketing@yahoo.com

When your business name is custom printed on Javelin Pens, people will remember YOU.
And if they remember YOU, that means they’re thinking about YOU more.
And if they’re thinking about YOU more, that means they’re thinking less about who?

The competition!
And if they’re thinking about the competition less that means more business for YOU!

Javelin / Javalina Pens make great marketing pens – your clients and potential clients will love them!


“Hello Scott, oh King of Pens!
We got our custom printed Javelin Pens Wednesday and everyone is IN LOVE!
Nearly every one of our patients yesterday and today commented on how great they are! Yippee!!
You and your secret pen elves did a wonderful job.
Thanks soooooo much! I’m sure we will be reordering very soon.
Thanks again, your Majesty – they are great!!!”

Robin Boecler, Cartersville, GA.

The simple truth is, the Javelin Pen is the
most talked about, most used, and most stolen
marketing pens available today.

Because people will naturally, without thought,
tell others about
what they love and are enthusiastic about,
the Javelin Pen is bringing
more attention and
awareness to whoever’s logo is on the pen!

And that IS marketing mission accomplished!

Here’s proof the Javelin Pen / Marketing Pens will work for your marketing.

The day you receive your custom imprinted Javelin / Javalina Pens in the mail make a note of it in your planner.
Then make another note 7 days from that date to see what pen you are using that day.
If you are still using one of your custom imprinted Javelin Pens,
you’ll know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s marketing that works. 

Your clients and prospects will think more about you.
They’ll have your contact information literally right at their finger tips.

Read these stories from satisfied Javelin Pen marketers

 Now, imagine what the smooth writing, uniquely shaped
Javelin Pen would look like with YOUR
custom advertising copy on the barrel.

Interested in creating some word-of-mouth and viral marketing offline?
Imprint your identity on these marketing pens and watch the viral
marketing begin for your business and brand offline.

Your pens arrived today. Thanks! You’re right, they write better than anything we’ve ever seen. Awesome!”
Kevin Nunley, Dr. Nunly’s Marketing Tips


“I called in a Panic…I had just a few days to get promotional pens for a big event…I called
Scott and ordered some Javelin Pens with my logo…Not
only were the pens Top Quality…but they arrived on time!!! ThankYou – Pen Guy! …
I’ll always use your company for my Promotional Items.”

Beverly Mackey
Realtor/Loan Officer National Realty Group
Moreno Valley, California

 “A pen isn’t just a pen. When I received my Javelin Pen I thought, oh great,
another pen……..
until I picked it up and tested it. I LOVE this promotional pen. It takes a lot
to impress me, but I would recommend this pen to anyone!!”

Deirdre Cavener,

Questions?  Call 727-645-6498
or email scott.marketing@yahoo.com

 P.S. – We do left handed marketing pens!

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